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As soon as I saw this dress it was my #1 pick. I looked at others but I knew this was going to be THE ONE, just like I knew that about my fiance'. I have no regrets in ordering on-line as it fits perfectly. I plan on ordering flower girl dresses for sure & hopefully can talk my bridesmaids into ordering their dresses from HerBridal.com as well. Thank you very much. My special day will be much more special with this dress on!
By Vincent
I really love the style of this dress; but would like to know if anyone has any detailed pictures of this dress that they could send me. Looks like there could be some colour on the detailing.
By Isabel
I have had my dress today was shocked that it came packaged up in such a small box considering that I had ordered 5 other things the petticoat, 3 bouques, tiharas x3. I gave my measurements the dress fitted like a glove to my curvy body as its like a corset when tight, but other all I looked and felt like a princess, just waited for my daughter to zip me up. the back is like the front v with a zip the beads go all the way round to the back, I got white it beautiful what can I say cant wait to try it on, glad I bought it when I did as its gone up now by 69 dollars. there's lot of work on the beading and its a dress that I will pass to one of my 3 daughters. I paid just 100 dollars which is about 75/80 British pound, what a bargain. I went to a wedding shop, they had nice dresses as notice as this but they wanted ¡ê450/500 I wasn't prepared to pay that. If you like the dress then go for it. When I measured myself I gave them 1 inch less so it fitted tighter plus you don't have to wear a bra as this dress holds my 36ee balloons. Look stunning on, so happy shopping you ladies. If you want to call me you can reach me at 01978264394. I have just bought this dress should have it in about 10 days so I will let you know. I am a larger lady myself UK size 16/18 but very large boobed. Gave them my measurements so hoping that's all I can say. I actually got a magnifying glass and looked at the beads, looks really good.
By Fauzi
I love my dress!! I got so many compliments on it and it fit perfectly. I wore it with a multilayer petticoat so all of the detailing at the bottom could be seen in our pictures. I felt like a princess! :) As a previous review stated, the ribbon is not silver. It is more of an ivory color...but I think I like it better that way...looked great with ivory shoes & hand bag. Can't beat the price and my dress only took about 2 1/2 weeks to arrive.
By thomas
I received mine within 2 weeks after I made payment. I had it customized and it fits perfect to me and the details in the design are no ordinary they had it embroidered rather than patching. I recommend this site for those who are looking for practical and economical wedding gown. Thumbs up!
I received my dress last week and I am so excited! I'm a little confused because they changed the picture (the reviews are the same, though). The beading is beautiful - even though I may have to fix some strands before the wedding (no big deal) and the straps need some adjusting. Otherwise I am VERY happy with the dress. I will recommend this site to others looking for a quality dress for less!! Thanks!
By Jay
Look how wonderful is my wedding dress! Was perfect! Beautiful color and a great work! I just fix the hem cause was a little bit long but the rest was perrrrfect! Thank you!
By thachutty
I choose size 2, I am pretty fit Asia lady, When the dress on me, fit perfectly and looks very elegant.... I think It will be very good for church wedding or ball wedding... Nice!! Love this dress ...
By Udhay
I ordered this dress in 2009. I was very pleased with it; it fit me like a glove. A couple of things to note, the rouging at the waste aren't as diagonal as on the model. If you're an apple shape I'd advice against this dress. The detail in the skirt if just stunning, the folds and flower are gorgeous! The fabric itself is quite shiny, more so than on the model. If you're having photos at night (with a flash) it's going to look VERY shiny. On the whole, I looked and felt like a princess on the day! I was very pleased with it.
By pevtsov
I just ordered this beautiful dress!! I'm really impressed about the price; it is a really cheap and wonderful option for your wedding dress!!! Hope to have my dress sooner and tell all of you my experience...
By Naveen
I received my dress today!! I ordered it Nov 14, and it arrived on Dec 7... So just less than a month. My dress look the same and yet completely different then the picture. I LOVE IT!!! It's beautiful!! It's a ton of material (really quality fabric), and the detailing is absolutely stunning!! There is a LOT of material though... it weighs like a thousand pounds! It's just gorgeous, and way beyond what I expected that's for sure!!
By Lim
It fits very well. Affordable price but it makes me feel like a princess.
By Jill
I bought this dress for my wedding next March. I got the dress really quickly and put in my own measurements. I was really happy with the delivery and thought the beading on the dress was beautiful. The measurements did fit me however the train was especially long which I am cutting off and the hem was like a balloon skirt at the bottom. I am having some alterations to the skirt and the hips area. The top (the beading) was perfect; however it did not finish under the bust, like the picture. It went down to my bellybutton (which may be because I am quite short, not like the model!) so I am also altering that to make it shorter. I am also adding a layer of organza over the skirt to make it look better. All in all, I am happy with the service and the look of the dress especially for the price. $300 (including shipping) is great price for a wedding dress! I will upload a picture once finished.
By Arifindra
This dress is awesome! I love the high quality of the materials and the perfect fit. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. When I placed my order, I wasn't 100% sure about the fit and the quality, but I wanted to give it a try. Now I am so happy that I ordered this dress, because it is simply fantastic. It looks exactly as shown in the pictures and I guess it is impossible to get such a high quality wedding dress for this price in a local store...
By Wei
I bought this wedding dress since it suits me being pregnant during our wedding. I really didn't know how it looked until I heard family and friends comment. They all loved it. They told me that it is like a Greek goddess gown.
By Eliza
I love this dress. It is so much more than what I thought it was from the picture. It fits me wonderfully, I mean yes I'm going to need to alter it but I knew that when I bought it. I love how it makes me look elegant but without trying too hard which is what I wanted. Also the people at HerBridal were wonderful, there was a slight delay with shipping my order but when asked about it they told why it was delayed and that new date that it would be sent which I really appreciated. Also they responded very quickly which is another thing that I love about because other places wouldn't respond within 24 hours like they did. Overall my experience with HerBridal has been very good, I will definitely shop from them again.
By Bridget
I am absolutely delighted with my new wedding dress. It is simple and elegant as well as capturing the vintage look I was after. I decided not to go for custom measurements as I still have 6 months to the big day and my body shape will probably change (hopefully for the better!), but I was chuffed with a 10 being too big. I have already confirmed with a dress maker that it will be no big drama to take it in and she was very impressed with the quality of the dress and craftsmanship involved. Delivery was right on time and the whole experience was very positive. Thank you HerBridal!!!
By Ati
I was a little nervous ordering my wedding dress online without ever trying it on or seeing it in person. I was blown away when I opened my package. I did not submit my measurements when I ordered and when I took it to be altered, the seamstress was impressed and even took down the name of the site to refer customers. The dress looks amazing on me! My friends were amazed at the dress! The lace is so delicate and beautiful. Such an elegant and understated dress!
By rakhee
I ordered this dress for my sister in law, to wear at her engagement. The color was exactly as in the picture and the quality of the dress was very good, especially considering the price. The dress was delivered quicker than expected and my sister in law was the star of the evening in this dress.
By Anne
I am very happy with this dress. Like most I was skeptical, about the web sight, because I am from the US. But everything went perfect! :::Applause::: To HerBridal. The beading was beautiful, and the material was of nice quality! I ordered the dress in champagne, for my wedding is in Nov. I also ordered an Organza Jacket to wear with the dress. Both items arrived in about 30 days.... And they were perfect! I didn't order the tailor made, but wish I had, I had to have the dress altered 3 inches taken in at the bust.... The bust seems large, even in the photo. I wear a 10, ordered a 12.... But could fit into the 10.
By Mohan
Hello, everyone! I chose this dress in white color for an intimate wedding in mid March. The delivery was really fast, a little over 2 weeks, considering that it was a holiday season. The quality of the fabric and dress itself was really good. It looked exactly like on the picture. The only thing that I regretted was that I hadn't ordered it in custom size. I am normally between sizes 4 and 6, height 5'6". But since over the past few months I had gained a little weight I ordered size 8. I am not a girl with a thin waist and big chest so the dress was pretty tight on the waist and noticeably big on top, more in the back (the same way it looks on the model on the pictures above). So if you want this dress do order it in custom size (because somewhere else, because of the beads it has on top, it will cost you at least half the cost of the dress price to have it altered which I refused to do). Since size 8 is for a taller person I was pretty happy that it was longer. I think it looked even better. By the way, I also think this dress doesn't need any additional skirts under it (I wore my dress just like this). I don't have the professional pictures done yet but I have a few that we took ourselves so I am uploading them anyway so you could see what I am talking about. Oh, one more thing it was raining on our wedding day, so I had to wear some other boots instead of the shoes I had bought (and I think high-heeled shoes are a better choice for this dress). Congratulations on your wedding and enjoy the dress!
By Jenny
Excellent quality, shipped on time. I did not expect that the dress would really look so nice. Fits well and adjustable. My friends really loved it.
By koh
I love this dress, the quality is excellent and it's certainly an elegant dress to have! I'm between size 4 and 6, but ordered a size 6, it is slightly bigger but the dress itself is really beautiful and I'm very happy with my purchase! Thank you!
By Edmund
I am VERY pleased with my recent purchase! The dress is everything I had hoped for. When I had concerns and was a bit nervous buying my wedding dress from this site, I was handled professionally and kindly and my worries ceased. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for a dress for that special day!
By Alena
I ordered this dress last fall for my wedding this summer. The delivery was surprisingly quick! The only problem I had was that it was too big although I paid extra for customized fitting. After a few corrections the dress was absolutely perfect and my wedding day turned out to be the best day of my life. I got so many compliments for the dress so I can warmly recommend HerBridal and this dress!
By Mindshare
I ordered this wedding dress last year for my wedding this June perfect is an understatement. order standard size fits like a glove bargain of the year and the dress here would have been 5 x times as much thank you all
By Thiaga
The wedding gown that I ordered was fantastic. Everyone asked me where I got my gown. I gladly told them and a few of my friends will be getting married in the near future. The gown fit perfectly with no imperfections, It made my day the special day I had always dreamed of. Kat
By Vitaly
I ordered this dress and was absolutely amazed by it. It was absolutely beautiful and looked way more expensive than it was. It fit great, and looked stunning, I'm sooo glad that I took the risk of ordering offline, it was perfect.
By Anil
I ordered my dress on November 11th 2009 and received it on November 25th. Amazing how fast it came. The dress arrived with no wrinkles and absolutely perfect!!!!!!! Garment bag was included which was wonderful and the veil I also chose from here was remarkable. I could not be happier! I was defiantly a little nervous having only seen the dress online but I defiantly made the right decision! I can't wait to wear this dress in June!!!!!
By Dato
When my dress arrived I was so impressed with all the detail, and everybody loved my dress on the big day!! Thank you so much for all you have done form me!! The dress fitted perfectly!! Thank you so much!!!
By Katherine
I just got this dress in the mail (ordered it Feb. 27th) and it was nicely packaged. I have worried about the front "apron" as my friend called it since it may not be flattering on a size 12 person. I am quite pleased with the material, quality and overall appearance. Other reviews wanted to know how it looked on someone size 10. Well I am 5'7" and 170#. I bought a size 12 and it fits PERFECT. No alterations needed.
By Steven
I purchased this dress about a month ago and became nervous about 2 weeks after I did because I read some websites that said negative things about the company. My dress came in the mail today and it is wonderful!! It looks exactly like the picture and I did custom sizing and it fits perfectly!! I can't believe I got this dress for this low price. I would definitely order from this company again.
By Davin
I bought this dress in January and because of Brazilian Customs (it was NOT HerBridal fault) I only received the dress today. I was VERY impressed with the quality of my dress; it's just like the picture! I'm in love with it! The quality is amazing, the material they used is beautiful and the dress is amazing!!!!! I will take some pictures of it and put them here to show you girls, if you still don't know whether you should buy it or not... THANK YOU HERBRIDAL for making my dreams come true!!!!!!
By Jose
Ordered this dress for my daughter's wedding august 2011 so no photos yet sorry .we all love the dress it is well made and my daughter looks stunning in it . We were very worried that maybe it would not be as nice as it looked in the pictures and very very worried about ordering via the internet. However delivery was quick HerBridal emailed us about another dress we had ordered as they were concerned about the measurements we had sent them as it turned out when we checked the sizing my daughter would have to be about 11ft tall to wear the dresss. The second dress is now going to be worn by my granddaughter for her school prom next year .would not hesitate to order from HerBridal again.
This dress is absolutely stunning! I was a bit apprehensive in buying it but I am over the moon that I did. I ordered the us size 12 and it fits perfectly (apart from the length as I am only 5ft 2in). The picture does not do the dress justice, it really is beautiful. I can not describe how gorgeous it is. It is really well made and the material is great quality. I ordered my dress 1st week in Dec and received it 1st week in Jan. The dress has been on and off about 5 times, with out shoes, with shoes then to alter the length so is really durable. This company is excellent with communication too, they tell you where your dress is every step of the way. Fantastic!! I will be ordering my bridesmaids dresses from here too but as I am only getting married in Sept I need to keep measuring my daughters to make sure I order the correct size. MANY THANKS HerBridal and look forward to dealing with you again soon. Pictures to follow.....
By Yvonne
I just got married September 30th! :) I couldn't have picked out a better wedding dress! :) It was perfect. Just me... and it looks so much better than the picture. Fit amazingly and I must say the fabric wasn't uncomfortable like you hear other brides talk about. This is definitely a 5 star dress and I recommend it to any bride! :) Granted I did have someone size it just to me and alter it. And they took some of the material and used it to add a little piece to the top so I wasn't showing more than I wanted, but that was fine I didn't mind spending the extra cash since the dress was such a reasonable price to start :)
By Joanne
I just received my gown and I love everything about it, from the workmanship to the quality of the materials used, everything was top notch. I ordered the gown custom made and it fit perfectly with no alterations needed. I received it within the shipping time promised. I can't thank you enough for making this aspect of my most important day as stress and hassle free as you have made it. In closing I would also like to add a special thank you for making my first on-line purchase a happy and satisfying experience.
By Lim
I purchased this dress last month for my upcoming wedding. I was nervous about buying online, but when the dress came, I was amazed! The dress is perfect and thanks to the custom measurements, fits like a glove. My mum was pleasantly surprised when I showed her the dress and told her how much I paid for it! The package arrived early and was sealed perfectly. Thank you HerBridal, you have made my wedding dreams come true! I would not have been able to buy a dress locally for the same price and the same excellent quality. Buying online can be scary, but HerBridal is an excellent site and I will definitely be purchasing here again! All I can say is THANK YOU!
By Samantha
The package arrived today! Everything is wonderful, the dress is gorgeous and I look forward to my wedding day. Thank you HerBridal, certainly I will order very soon on this site other items!!!! You're doing a great job!!!!!!!
By Puvan
I was looking online just to get ideas for dress styles that would be good for my beach wedding. I wanted to have pictures to take in to bridal stores when going to try on dresses. However, after looking at HerBridal.com I found the dress that was everything I was looking for. And it was about 1/4 of the price I had in my budget for a dress. The dress came the exact day they said it would and it looks so much more beautiful in person. It is going to be the perfect dress! Thank you HerBridal! You definitely have my recommendation!
By Paul
I just received my dress, only 3 week after ordering it! The dress is even more beautiful than the pictures in the web site (the decoration are not embroideries as I thought). The finish is ok and the color great.
By Dennis
I bought this dress in Champage. The design is just the way pictured and if you custom order it will fit perfectly BUT if you order Champagne, it will look more like a BEIGE color; darker than your usual suble champagne so it's safer to go with White if you're using it as a wedding dress. I will have to buy it in White now since I was impressed with how nice it fit and the quality of the fabric. I'll just have to figure out what I'll do with the beige now...
By Sam
I reviewed this dress in January when I received it, and my review stands at 5 stars now that I've worn it for my wedding. While I fit into a regular size, I did have to shorten the dress and then I had a halter strap added to it. For those of you that own this dress, walking around can be quite a work-out because of the train, but it is so much fun. I will be ordering my honeymoon wedding gown and my groom's suit from HerBridal and suggest HerBridal often. I even shared my experience with two brides at a bridal shoppe, they have since emailed me and said they have purchased 2 dresses each for their upcoming weddings. No worries here, brides, excellent quality, excellent value. :) thank you HerBridal!
By jhtrevgapk
I remember watching Bride Wars and saying to myself, that is exactly what I would wear for my wedding. Of course, in india you don't get wedding gowns like this, and people were changing me as much money as the budget of my wedding to get one stitched. Thanks to HerBridal. The quality of the fabric is simply at par with any high market stuff. I got the dress altered since I am way shorter, guess what! It fit like a glove. I LOVE IT!!!! Seriously HerBridal makes dreams affordable!!! Just go for it. You won't regret it!!
By Eiko
This dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am very happy with it and it's even more beautiful when you see it up close. The only thing I don't like is the garment bag that came with the dress. It ripped like a piece of paper as I was putting my dress in it. It's not really a big deal though; I can just buy one at David's Bridal or something. Other than that....I'm extremely happy!
By John
I bought this dress after stumbling across this website early last year and it came through. The beading is very intricate, the fabric was heavy and definitely not cheap looking. The measurements the dress came in were pretty accurate based on the measurements I gave them and I received the gown on time. I am very pleased with how the dress looked and it was a show stopper to say the least! Worth every penny.
By Chiu
I just received my dress today. It is beautiful. I tried it on and it's perfect. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. I ordered it on 5-11-12, and it shipped out on 6-4-12, and arrived today 6-6-12. The dress is very well made. It looks so much better in person. I am very pleased with my purchase. Now I need to order a petticoat, just not sure which one to get yet. I must admit, I was scared to order online, but I took a chance and I am so happy I did. I ordered it white, with the purple bow.
By Jason
Speed! Price! Quality! Perfect! I give you a tip: Buy it one number bigger, because you can make it tight to fit exactly to you body!
Two thumbs up! I am very impressed with the quality and detailed of the gown. The gown with the champagne color sash is absolutely gorgeous! For the price I paid, it's worth every cent. Thank you! :)
By Geoffrey
Beautiful dress and fit me perfectly!! I like that it has the elastic section to hold the front onto you! Made me feel like a princess when I tried it on! My step daughters to me told me I looked like a princess! The gold on my sash is lovely!!
I was really worried about ordering my wedding dress on line, however having received this dress it is stunning and then some. It is exactly what I wanted and expected. It is beautifully made and the quality is excellent. The workmanship in the beading is lovely and the sash is just the color I wanted. I had this custom sized and is about 2 inches larger than needed but I guess I can have it altered but is still worth every penny
By xhjategwom
Came quickly, right size right colour! Ribbon on the dress looked a slightly different colour to the picture but otherwise I am very happy!
By Lavinia
I just received my dress quality is good well made It's beautiful, it's not as full as in the picture I would suggest ordering a petticoat thank you HerBridal
By srft
I really love this dress but I wasn't sure to order wedding dress online. After reading all reviews and pictures of review, I decide to give a shot. I got the dress last week and I was so happy to see all details and shape of dress. The ribbon was bigger and thicker than model's picture but still very cute and the red color I chose was so vivid and youthful. I was considering to get rid of ribbon and get something more similar to picture but I love this red so much, so I decide to keep it. I got Ivory with red belt. I did custom measurement but it was about two inch bigger than I sent. But HerBridal customer center offer the reimbursement of alteration cost kindly...I love the customer service....I am posting dress before any alteration. Thank you so much HerBridal
By Karen
I bought this dress in pink color for my daughter's sweet sixteen. It IS AMAZING!!!!!!! She is the happiest girl in the world!! Thank you HerBridal! After the party I will post pictures.
By Jansen
Hi to all the future brides wandering whether to purchase this dress or not! I just received my dress yesterday and the dress exceeds my expectation many times! I ordered with standard measurements, not custom, and the dress fits perfectly! It is a very high quality and looks just perfect. I read some previous reviews that it is too long but mine is definitely not too long, but long enough to cover your shoes and to make you look like majesty! :) I definitely recommend this dress and I look forward to my big day to wear it! Once I have the pictures I will upload some for the ones still hesitating! Thank you HerBridal!
By kristine
Was very happy with the result - such a bargain!! The details were perfect. Couldn't have asked for anything else.
By Steven
The dress is of a very good quality! It was made and shipped on time. Thank you so much :))
By Kai-Biu
I posted a review back in January 2011 when I received my dress. I loved it then, I loved it on our wedding day back in July and I still love it now. I am considered as a plus size bride being that im a UK size 18 and thought that posting some photos may be helpful to other brides. I also bought my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses from HERBRIDAL and my veil, I would highly recommend this site to anyone, but just be aware that I am a UK buyer and did have to make a payment upon delivery but was happy to do this as it still made my dress 10x cheaper than anywhere else without losing any of the quality workmanship.
By Belinda
I ordered this dress and I must admit I was a bit hesitant, I was scared, because I always knew I was going to find my dress, put it on and get the "crying factor" ordering it online just wouldn't it make it possible and after reading all the reviews I knew this was my dress... It came in super fast I ordered it Jan 22nd and it came in Feb 22nd, my wedding will be in June but I just wanted to have it before hand... I ordered it custom size and it fits like a glove, I AM SOOO EXCITED and I wish my wedding was tomorrow; all the details in the dress are breath taking. Once I tried it on, I definitely got the "CRYING FACTOR" I had been dreaming of. I will be ordering my moms and bridesmaid dresses from HerBridal without a doubt!!! Now I wish they would sell men suits too!!! Thank you HerBridal for making it easy and affordable to have my dream wedding gown!!!
By Arun
My dress arrived today. It is so beautiful; the material is so heavy and looks so expensive!! The sash is a little bit thicker than pictured but really compliments the dress well.. The train on the dress is very long however it has a piece of ribbon attached under the dress so you can put it around your wrist when walking or dancing. Also the beading is done to perfection. I am so happy with the outcome. Thank you again HerBridal!!!
By Eric
I bought this dress for my wedding. The quality of the dress was amazing. Received lots of comments on how beautiful it was. The dress was very long; I did need to trim a lot of the length off. That was the only downside. It fit perfectly, I ordered just the standard sizing, not custom. I also ordered a smaller knee length wedding dress for the reception and that too was amazing quality. Will definitely be using HerBridal in future and have referred this site to many friends. Thanks
By Glyn
I received this dress very quickly and it fits perfectly. It is just as beautiful as it looks and is of great quality. I also ordered the petticoat and it really is a big dress with that, I am going to feel like a princess!! I had the belt removed as it wasn't quite right for me and it was very easy to remove. Thanks HerBridal! Can't wait for my wedding day!!
By Thomas
Absolutely beautiful! I just received the dress a couple days ago; it arrived a day early too! The quality of the dress was over the top just as great if not better than Vera. The material is soft and not cheap like in appearance or feel. No one is going to believe how much I paid for this. I had it custom sized so it fits perfectly!
By Moon
I watched bride war when it came out and told my hubby that Kate Hudson dress will be my wedding Dress1 when we began planning our wedding, I came across your website! I wore 2 dresses both from HerBridal. There were both not custom made-Just took a chance and picked my size and both dress fitted perfectly!!! All my Jewelry and veil, gloves came from HerBridal. Although I didn't wear the gloves (totally forgot)-Still No one Notice because my Dress was Gorgeous!!!
By Adam
Hi all, I ordered this dress on 12/24/11 and just received it yesterday 1/11/12-(super quick even though I had it customized to my size)!! I've lost a few pounds since, so it doesn't fit perfectly~ the dress is AMAIZING!!!! Great quality and beautiful detailing!!! I had tried similar dresses for about $2000-$3000 in Miami, Fl and to find this for such a low cost I was very hesitant!!! It comes in a very small box, but it perfect condition and with the garment bag to be stored in! The bow is a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but it seems easy to remove if you wanted to, but it really adds character to the dress! The detailing on the bodice is very delicate and professional, doesn't look cheap or ugly AT ALL! I am SOOOO HAPPY and SATISFIED! It was everything I dreamed of and def. in my budget!!! I also bought my veil from here and the colors matched perfectly!!!! Can't wait till my big day now!!! Hope this helps you decide!!!
By Michelle
I received my dress on time and conveniently packed into its box, it is absolutely beautiful I could not ask for anything more elegant and wonderful, I will be very proud to wear this dress on my big day and I am so glad I had the guts to just order it!! Saved me a lot of money. If you're a bride on a budget I would say just go for it you will be surprised. The quality of the dress far surpassed my expectations.
By Fion
Absolutely Stunning dress and great value too. If you want to feel like a princess than this is the dress for you. But for added volume for the dress a petticoat is worn with this dress like the picture. Fast shipping too. Thank you HerBridal.
By Floyd
I loved my gown!!! It was soooo prefect, everyone talked about my gown for weeks, and my colors were pink and white. This gown is prefect for a beach wedding. It flows with the wind. I did not have to get anything done to my gown it was a prefect fit. I also got my bridesmaids, made and matron of honor gowns from HerBridal.
By Umar
I really love this dress and I was wondering how many layers of tulle this dress has because I want to have a really puffy princess dress that is really similar to the one from Bride Wars.....
By Krishnan
My wife loved the dress and the style. It seemed very well made. It was worth the cost to us and she will be wearing it in her dream wedding soon in Philippines with me and her family..
By Puneet
I ordered this dress for my daughter's June 2012 wedding. It took several weeks to arrive but HerBridal refunded the shipping cost for the trouble. The beadwork is beautiful and well done and the dress is not cheap looking at all. Even though we provided measurements, we will still have to have it adjusted to fit but overall we are thrilled. We would definitely order from HerBridal again!
By Gail
This looks so pretty the pictures do not do this dress justice, I ordered my dress in a customized size and it was pretty much perfect!! I ordered it in ivory and the belt colour in blue I tried it on in front of my bridesmaids and they all loved it and couldn't believe the price.....they nearly fainted I wish I could get married several times so I could wear this dress 100 times over!! The detail and beading is done beautifully I am going to look absolutely stunning at my wedding!!
By dragana
When we bought this dress we did not know what to expect since we bought it online without actually seeing it first hand.... HerBridal's description and customers' reviews were more than enough... needless to say, my wife LOVED it so much... The material was exquisite, the stitching was PROFESSIONAL... it fit her perfectly! Everyone at the wedding was amazed at it and they all thought it was at least a $2000 dress... We will definitely refer our friends and family to here and we actually have already!
By jason
I loved Kate Hudson dress in Bride Wars and when I found this similar dress on HerBridal I ordered it immediately! I was kinda nervous waiting to get it but it looks just like the pic. It is just as heavy as a wedding dress and looks great! LOVE IT
By Mike
This dress is Gorgeous! I ordered it in white with a grape sash and had it custom made. It fits perfect!! The detailing on the on bodice is stunning and I am very, very impressed with the purchase. Highly recommended. Thank you very much HerBridal. XX
By Lauren
My weeding is in Nov 5 and I cant wait to have my dress that should get to my hands in the middle of April, I'm just to excited to see my beautiful dress, I'm lucky that I found HerBridal to make my wedding a better day to me!!
By Cheng
Along with many others I was apprehensive about ordering a dress on line. I was fretting the whole time. Mine arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with the dress. I haven't tried the dress on properly yet as I have been far too indulgent since the New Year but the dress itself looks great! There are a couple of loose threads on the bodice work but nothing that can't be easily fixed. The train is very, very long and I will look at getting it altered. I have uploaded two pictures although they are no different to those on the site. The only other thing I will change is that the back of the dress. It is fastened by a zip but it has buttons next to the zipper but no button holes for the buttons. Almost like fake buttons. I will get something done to it such as loops added to the back. It is a great value dress for the money and I will be buying my reception dress (I'm getting married in the outback of Australia in November so this one is too hot to wear the entire day) and my bridal party dresses! If anyone would like and specific shots of the dress please feel free to comment and leave your email and I will send them to you!
By gladys
My daughter's wedding is not far off after been told about the HerBridal.com site we anxiously awaited her dress. Well we were blown away with the quality, how quickly it came and the level of service. Been in Australia is a long way from anywhere but to access such great products bring the world at little closer for which we are very grateful
By Gary
We ordered this dress for my step-daughter for a wedding in May. We anticipated it to arrive in April but we received it last week. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits her like a glove. We were apprehensive about ordering a wedding gown on line but she feels completely in love with dress and wouldn't look any further! We are so pleased and will definitely recommend to others and order ourselves if the opportunity were to present itself again!
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