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By harlene
My daughters wedding dress arrived yesterday, we had is special made, I was so worried about the quality and she never tried on one wedding dress. I am so glad we ordered this it is BEAUTIFUL and fits her near perfect. I would recommend buy from here. There is no way for the price we could have found this dress here for under 900.00.. Thank you HerBridal :)
By Kelvin
My dress was delivered today WOW!!! It's stunning it looks just like the picture thank you so much. I read in some reviews that you had to pay extra money on delivery that wasn't the case for me. I will be doing business with HerBridal again. great dress great service, thank you!
By Awie
I placed my order as soon as I saw the dress! Its in the process of being shipped I absolutely cannot wait to see it! With all the awesome reviews I did not hesitate to place my order! I keep checking to see when it will be here!! I placed the special order as I am tall and the bargain you get is definitely worth it!!
Arrived yesterday, absolutely gorgeous, cannot wait to wear it, is stunning, the price is amazing, am going to order bridesmaids and flower girls dresses from this site closer to the wedding. Just one question can you take off the train for our first dance? Even though it is stunning just as it is, love it.
By John
This dress is super beautiful!! I love it! It looks way better in person than the picture. I did have second thoughts, but I am glad I ordered it, otherwise I would have been regretting it. I can't wait to show it off. Thanks HerBridal you are awesome!!
By David
I LOVE the Kate Hudson Bride Wars dress but was not able to afford the genuine Vera Wang so I took a chance and ordered the HerBridal version. I am very impressed. The detail of this dress is amazing, much more than I had expected. I ordered the dress larger than my actual size as I am in the process of loosing weight, so there for my dress will be altered. I have taken my dress to a designer and she mentioned the quality of this gown is of a high standard. She too was impressed. I highly recommend ordering this gown.
By Ivan
I am super pleased with my dress! It was posted on Thursday and I received it Monday morning. The dress was inside out to protect the garment and packed in plastic in the delivery box. I am so happy that I was able to obtain such a beautiful dress, well made and at such a good price. Ladies don't be to nervous about ordering online cause the product is better then the pictures and sizing is spot on. Just make sure you know your size on ordering. Thank you HerBridal team.
By benjamin
Like most brides to be I was a little apprehensive about buying online but now that I have my dress I would encourage any bride to buy their dress from here. My dress arrived today after only 3 weeks and I am so so happy. It is totally my dream dress, it is absolutely gorgeous. The detailing on the bodice is incredible and it sparkles so beautifully. The pictures on the website do not do it justice at all. I ordered mine in white with a silver sash. The sash is a little darker than I'd hoped so I will probably change it as it's only lightly stitched on but other than that I can't fault it. It looks much much more expensive than it is. I'd also like to add that the customer service was impeccable and I'd definitely shop with HerBridal again.
By David
The dress is gorgeous - simple but very beautiful! I had the dress custom made, and it fits perfectly. Length is a bit too much, but that is easy to fix. I received the dress in 3 weeks from my order date to Northern Europe. Very very satisfied!
By Koh
I ordered this dress quite a while ago and posted a review on the 10/02/10. Just want again to say how happy I was with the dress and thought id post some pics with me wearing it on my special day xx thanks HerBridal
By Chevonne
I ordered this dress for my wedding next year and it arrived yesterday. Shipping was quick; however I did have to pay duties and taxes when it was delivered, so don't be surprised. The dress is amazing!!!! I could not have asked for a more beautiful dress. I ordered a size 10 and it will need to be taken in about an inch of both sides of the bodice. It comes in a fairly small box, and is inside out to protect the detailing. The pictures I posted, it is quite creased but nothing a bit of steaming won't fix!! The detailing on the bodice is fantastic and the thing weighs about 5 pounds!!!! Absolutely stunning, I look forward to ordering my bridesmaid gowns as well!!!
By PlealaHot
Dress came in 3 weeks made to measure! First reaction...tears in my eyes as I opened it and it was sooooooo fantastic and beautiful! Tried it on straight away and it fits perfectly, its very light even with all the layers. If you are wondering can you remove a bow after you buy the dress: yes you can it is only few stitches and its no problem for a tailor. On pictures dress in straight from the box, so must be ironed professionally for full effect I guess :)
By Paul
The dress is soo wonderful, it fits me perfect and I love it! So nice fabric and its heart shaped. Thank you so much!! I am very happy!!!
By vincent
I bought this dress thinking that it really wouldn't be as nice as it really was. I was extremely pleased with this dress!!!! I really recommend this website!!!!
By LillianAng
I have to say I am very impressed with the service from HerBridal. It's a bit daunting buying something so important from so far away but the reviews are correct and the workmanship/delivery/service is excellent. The dress is exactly what I expected and I can't believe it was such a great price. I was a bit surprised when the courier turned up and asked for ¡ê17 for customs charges. I had to send him away as I had no money on me and he came back the next day! I don't recall reading about this when I ordered but no matter it still hugely brilliant price for the quality. Thanks so much...I may even order another one just for choice!
By Andy
My dresses arrived: safe, prompt & AWESOME!!! :) I'm sooo happy to have gotten my dresses from here at "HerBridal" - I saved myself so much money & they are so much more than I could ever have dreamed! They are so well made & just look absolutely stunning! I can't wait till my wedding day now! I was so excited to receive my dresses & it's all starting to feel so real now! Thank you HerBridal for making my dreams come true!!! :)
By Lik
This dress is nothing less than amazing for the price. I ordered it custom tailored to my measurements and it fits like a glove. It's beautiful and looks just like the picture. I couldn't be happier. And like I said, the price is AWESOME.
By Anna
I was worried about ordering this dress online because I didn't want to have to return anything back or get something different than the picture but something told me I should do it especially when I read the great reviews and the pics that the customers uploaded. I do not regret it at all, I got a regular size 12 and it is very true to size. The quality is amazing it honestly looks like 1,000 dollar dress! You definitely feel and look like a Cinderella because it is so huge and fluffy and puffy I really don't think you would need a petticoat. It definitely looks like the one Kate Hudson is wearing! I would recommend this dress to everyone who's thinking about it, it's definitely exceeded my expectations. Everything was so well made and I got my dress in only 2 weeks. The customer service was great they answer all your questions in a timely manner and try to accommodate you as much as possible. While I was waiting for the dress I felt really relaxed and positive that I had made the right decision this company really makes you feel secure. Don't think about it any longer order this dress you would not believe the compliments I'm getting about this Kate Hudson dress!! You won't regret it!!!
By Justus
I have got my dress, when ordering I was very scared as there were not many photos of it. But I went with my heart and it is beautiful. Princess dress! The detail is amazing and looks far more expensive than what it is.
By Teo
Perfection! I received my dress two days ago, it felt like ages but it only took 2 weeks from the day I order it, to get it here to sweden whit UPS, (really fast without any trouble!) Ever since I watched the bridewars movie and caught the sight of Kate hudsons wedding dress in the film, I was thinking, ¡°that's THE dress, that's the dress I'm going to wear on my weddingday! I ordered my dress in Ivory whit a pink ribbon. It's nothing wrong with the ribbon, but I should have chosen another pink-color for matching the color of our wedding, it's not a big deal because the ribbon is slightly stitched on, so I'm going to change it myself! I shoosed to order my dress in custom size, and it fits perfectly! As everyone's who has order it, I was also surprised of the small box the dress came in, but no worries, the dress was very carefully wrapped, now afterwards I can't believe how they fitted this HUGE dress in to that tinney box! It's really a HUGE-FLUFFY-PRINCESS-DRESS, every girl's dream, just like the picture on this website, if even better!! The details was very nice done, and the layer of tulle is fluffy enough even with out a petticoat. It looks like the dress cost more den 249 dollars, way more!
By lizzie
I'm so happy I found this website and took the ¡°risk¡± by ordering my wedding dress over the internet, it's the best buy I've ever done over the internet, and the service is excellent! Now I'm going to order bridesmaid dresses for my 4 bridesmaid, and one dress for my flower girl as well. I'll also order a matching wedding veil for my perfect dress, really, it's perfection! Thank you so, so much HerBridal, I can really recommend this site for anyone! Thank you again!
By Stuart
Well girls I received my dress this week and it's fabulous! It only took 2 weeks to come and I have to say I was blown away! It is HUGE but definitely the princess dress that I wanted. The beading is beautiful and the skirt part is definitely puffy enough. There is a wrist loop underneath for the train to save you dragging it around all day and night and mine came with a zipper on the back which is concealed very well. I ordered the ivory with hunter green for the ribbon and it is exactly what I wanted. All in all I am thrilled and will tell everyone about HerBridal.....they've made this bride to be VERY happy!
By Lem
I ordered this dress on July 16 and received it on August 4th. Once they ship it out, they send you your FedEx tracking number (I'm in the U.S.) and you can track it. I tracked mine from Shanghai, to Alaska, to New Jersey, and then to VA. Despite its long journey, it got to me unharmed. This dress is very beautiful. I got it in white with the red sash. The sash is made from a very cheap material... Not exactly sure what it is, but it's sewn on very lightly and you could easily switch it for a different one... I think it'll probably switch mine for a velvet one. There are about 6 layers of tulle. It's definitely a princess dress... It's huge! I ordered mine custom tailored and they did a great job. I can't wait to wear this. I'm sorry I'm not wearing the dress in the photo, but no one was home to help me get it on properly! And yes, the train is long and beautiful :)
By Benjamin
I ordered the dress and it was shipped to my house within two and a half weeks. The dress was beautiful and perfect. Truly a dream princess wedding dress. As said before it does not look exactly like Kate Hudson's dress at the hips but the dress is so pretty it does not really make a difference. Sadly the dress was too small, but the place offers wonderful customer service. They quickly replied and said they would exchange the dress for a larger size. Overall the dress is beautiful and this place is reliable to buy from.
By George
I ordered this dress on Feb. 1st, and I received it today, Feb. 23rd. Not only did I receive it very quickly, but the dress is amazing. I am very pleased with the dress. It is GORGEOUS! It is not exactly like the Kate Hudson dress, but this dress is just beautiful. I would highly recommend ordering this dress to anyone who is thinking about ordering this dress! I am VERY pleased, and I cannot wait to wear this dress!! I am going to try and upload a picture for everyone as well.
By BealoRoroL
Thanks HerBridal! I got my dress just now. Haven't tried it on but I liked it. The ribbon is just a little bit thicker but it's nice. I also ordered petticoat, veil and favor box and I love them all! I paid almost 6 thousand pesos for the import tax, I hate it! Thanks HerBridal, you have great stuffs with affordable prices.
By Ben
So looking forward to my Wedding dresses Arrival on Australia homeland... very exciting can't wait to see it and try in on... Dresses process is two days a head of estimated date YAY!!!!!
By Huixian
For the price of the dress, and being hand made its great quality but I would not have bought it off the rack at a bridal store. Some of the beading was falling off the bodice when I got it, it was too long and the bust was made too large (I got it custom made) so I had to pay an additional $160 for alterations, along with the $80.00 customs fee, so if you think this is going to be cheaper then buying in a bridal store make sure you do the math first so you're not disappointed. With all the additional charges this is still much cheaper than I would pay in a bridal store. The tulle isn't as puffy as in the picture. HOWEVER I am a plus size girl and it is sturdy material and the bodice holds me well!! The ¡°bra¡± isn't a bra but a very flimsy piece of elastic that doesn't do up tight enough to really do anything. The back comes up high enough that there isn't chub hanging over edges or anything. It is really well made! The rest of the quality of the dress is great, especially when you take into the fact that it is hand made. I guess all the little things were a bit discouraging, but once all the alterations (Having it shortened, bodice taken in, and hidden buttons on the back to hold up train, as it didn't even come with a wrist loop to help hold the train up as you're walking) are done on it, it will be amazing :)
By Eric
My dress arrived yesterday, only 21 days from order to delivery! To say it was stunning is a total understatement; I myself am completely shocked with how expensive and beautiful this dress looks. It carries gorgeous detailing on the bodice and nothing is done sparingly fabric wise. It's a true princess dress and I can't wait for my future husband to see me in it for our wedding in July. The only slight complaint I do have is that in my case, the sizing ran small ... I ordered the UK 20(US 16) which is one dress size above my UK18(US14) and took care to measure myself against the HERBRIDAL measurement guide, when it arrived it is more like a UK16(US12) but nether the less I am more than happy to lose the 2 inches that is required for it to fit me perfectly. Having said that, I would highly recommend HERBRIDAL, there customer service and communications with order status and tracking details surpass any other online retailer that I have dealt with. So if you're looking to buy from HERBRIDAL please do not feel worried or hesitate. I have also purchased my 2 bridesmaid dresses and my flower girl dress from this site and can't wait for there arrival. I will post pictures of all dresses after our big day!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH HERBRIDAL !!!!
By kiren
Loved this dress. Fits like a glove...make sure to order length a little longer just in case. You can always get it altered...you will not be disappointed!
By Roizel-Marlier
Finally have got my dress. It is very beautiful! The size is perfect. It is a real princess dress. All very neatly sewn including decorative finishing, dress came with a heart-shape top as at the picture. I love my dress!!!!! Thank you HerBridal.
By Zoopurgerpeno
I was so nervous to purchase online and without a try on of the gown. However I took a chance and ordered it anyway. It took less then 2 weeks and when I received the box with my gown and opened it I was shocked at how beautiful this dress was. I never imagined this dress would have all the fine details it had. It sparkled and was made extremely well. I went all over trying on dressed prior to ordering online. I tried on designer thousand dollar gowns and it was right up there with them. The pictures don't do the dress justice. It is absolutely beautiful! My wedding color was fuchsia pink so my bow was fuchsia. I receive gasp and endless compliments from my family and friends. I recommend this as a purchase to any bride that wants to feel as I did on her special day. It is a lot of dress!! I recommend you get your dressed steamed by a professional. It cost me 50 dollars to steam. Well worth it! I have pics from my wedding but not here but I do have some pics when I tried the dress on right out the box.
By Lynnmx
I received my dress and I love it!!! It is very beautiful and really great quality, especially for the price. I love the sequins and design on the corset part and I love all the tulle and how poofy the dress is. I have to say, I am a plus size girl, and this dress is very well fitting and looks great! I measured myself and then looked at the size chart and it ended up matching an exact size, which also happened to be my clothing size. So, it all runs very true to what it says as far as size goes. Thanks HerBridal!!
By Louis
Bought this dress less than 2 weeks ago, received it today. Dress was amazing quality & price!!! Will buy from this site again soon!
By Andrew
Hi there I thought I would leave a message for those that would like to buy this dress and are not sure how it will look. I bought my dress back in May and it took just 4 weeks for it to arrive. I got it made to measure and I would advise everybody to do the same as I didn't have to do anything with it. It fit me like a glove!!! I really loved my dress and I was so happy that I went for it as I got so many compliments on it. Nobody would have thought that I only paid ¡ê200 for it. Hope its any help for you!!
By michael
I ordered this dress for my upcoming wedding, it came within 10days and it is simply amazing. It's everything that I wanted and more. It was exactly like the picture, I made the choice to have it tailor-made to my own measurements and it fit perfectly. I would recommend anyone to use this website. I also ordered my bridesmaid dresses which were awesome as well. Thanks HerBridal!
By Quack
I had wedding 4 months ago. I had this dress and everybody told me I am famous and amazing! I feel like princess!! Really!! Thank you so much!! I love this dress so much!! It was my best purchase ever!!!!!:-)
By Ruhaya
I was hesitant about purchasing online, but for the price, I HAD to take the chance. I ended up getting this dress to use at the church and purchased another one from here for the reception. I sent in my measurements and both dresses fit PERFECTLY! I couldn't have been happier. Thank you SO much HerBridal for making my special day THAT much better. Both dresses were absolutely beautiful and great quality. I would definitely recommend!!
By Jim
I got my dress last week and I am so pleased with it. I could not have asked for any better, the material, finish and delivery were top notch. I came across this website by pure luck and have recommended it to everyone I know. The high street bridal shops should be quaking in their boots!!
By Brian
Finally I have got my dress. It is very beautiful. The size is perfect. It is a real princess dress. All very neatly sewn including decorative finishing, dress came with a heart-shape. top as at the picture. I love my dress!!!!! Thank you HerBridal.
By Dennis
I would like to know how can I make sure that the dress comes with a heart-shape and not straight across since one young lady review said hers came straight across when it clearly shows and says that is heart shaped.....i need to make sure before I order please respond thank you for your good customer service
By Jerome
The wait is over and my dress arrived an hour ago. And I love love love it! I am in Australia and was watching the expedited DHL delivery tracking from China to Hong Kong to Sydney, and then I rang my local carrier and was able to pick it up on Saturday even though they don't deliver till Monday! So beautifully made. The bodice decoration is gorgeous. I have a small bust but it still looks great - I suppose it is the boning. It does have the rounded bodice like in the HerBridal picture (not like the pictures uploaded by Ashley - thank you so much for those - you look gorgeous and it gave me confidence to buy!). The waist sits really well and it is nice that it is fitted on the waist before it goes out, makes you look thin and big hips or thighs are totally hidden! I ordered a slightly smaller size as I plan to lose weight and wanted the dress to pull me in a bit too which has worked out OK for me. The skirt is full even without a petticoat as there are plenty of layers underneath. I ordered the grape belt as in the picture with ivory. It really suits my colouring (dark brown hair, fair skin). I am so thrilled and so happy with HerBridal. As a bride on a tight budget HerBridal is the ONLY way to go. I've also got the three bridesmaid dresses from them too. Now I'm looking at the shoes too! Thank you!
By Rose
Hello Brides-to-be, Today I sit here as a very happy bride-to-be! I received my dress yesterday and am blown away. Once I got the dress out my initial response was "wow" there was soooo much dress. I got in my dress and was just completely satisfied. Obviously it will look a lot different once it's been steamed, but it was still stunning. The picture does the actual dress no justice. The beading and the detail of the whole dress is immaculate. This dress is everything I wanted plus more. It will look a lot better as mentioned once steamed, and taken in to fit my size (i ordered the dress 1 size bigger to have room to play) and when I have a whoop (1 or 2 tier whoop is all that will be required as dress is "big") I highly recommend buying this dress if you want a "Vera" knock-off. It is so worth the money. I can't thank the HerBridal staff enough!
By Leanne
Hello Brides to be! Well I received my dress and I love it! It looks just like the one in the picture but I wanted mine to be fuller - like the Bride Wars one so have bought a cheap 3 hoop petticoat to go underneath, this really made it full and has the Wow factor! The quality is very good and better than ones I tried on in bridal shops of the same design. It is amazing value for money and arrived so quickly I couldn't believe it - it only took a month to be custom made and sent from China! Thank you HerBridal!
By Alessio
I purchased this dress on the 16th April and was very wary about what I would get for the money that I paid. I received the dress yesterday 18th May. The detailing on the dress and the embroidering is fantastic and excellent quality. The sparkle that comes from the corset is stunning and to be honest the pictures above on the website does not do the dress justice. I cannot fault anything it exceeded my expectations and more!!!! I love my dress!
By Charlotte
I was definitely one of the skeptical buyers but my dress came exactly according to the charts estimated days. The dress looks exactly like the picture! Very nice quality as well! I will continue to make purchases from this site! Thanks so much HerBridal!!
By marvin
It finally arrive today ladies!! Not that it has really taken very long, it has just felt that way, as I was pretty nervous... But it is here and it is beautiful, just gorgeous. Mine is ivory with the grape belt sash. Very very very pleased with the finishing on the dress and the style. It's just like the model pic, and a tiny bit different to the Hudson dress as you can tell from that pic. I haven't been able to try it on fully yet as not had anyone to help me do it up properly - was too excited to wait - but I know it's going to fit and my bridesmaid dress from here fit her perfectly. I did order mine slightly longer as I hadn't bought shoes yet and want to be able to adjust the length. One thing to point out, there is plenty of skirt action going on here! More than I'd anticipated! It's great. I just can't wait to wear it on the big day now... :)
By Brian
I'm waiting for my dress to arrive! I waited weeks, looking at the pics over and over again... Now mine is being made RIGHT NOW!!! I can't wait to try it on and will review again when I get it but I was sent some pics by another bride and the bodice and skirt looks lovely. The skirt is very full on the pic, but not as poofy at the waist as Kate Hudson's - but this is because there is no extra underskirt provided with it. There is plenty of skirt as it is (as per the pics added recently by the site of their own version) but an extra underskirt with hoop may make your go our more like Kate Hudson's if anyone wants that extra flare - though I'm expecting to be happy with the dress as it is! I'm having the purple bow as it matches my bridesmaid colour - which I'd already chosen. I have already ordered and received a dress for her from this site and the fitting (customized measurements) and workmanship was great. Just got to wait for mine now ladies! x
By Celine
I've got mine today!!!!!!! I had to write a review because I personally was so scared about ordering from this site, however I'm so glad I did! It comes in a very small box and is quite creased, but I was going to have it steamed anyway. It does look slightly different from the picture, it's not as big around the base of the bodice, but it a lot bigger than what I was expecting, it gorgeous. The bodice has beading on it but the workman ship is fantastic, even down to the hem work. In the dress it even has a little bra strap so that your boobage is supported. I ordered my dress with a pink sash and it's a lovely pink, a little darker than I thought but still lovely. It has a long train at the back. I ordered mine in size 12 and will need to have it taken in at the waist once I am down to the weight I want to be. If you want it to be as big as the dress in the picture, do what I am doing and get an under patticoat. Overall I am really chuffed with it. I feel like I've got a dress that you would buy in shop for the fraction of the price. Delivery was prompt and exactly as it said. I would recommend this to all brides who like this dress. I am going to order my bridesmaid dress. I've took some pictures of my dress and I should be able to send them to anyone to wants to see. I am not wearing it but I've took some detail of the beading etc, because I would have appreciated that.
By Muhammad
Got my dress in Jan, had to do minor alterations even when I ordered a custom made dress. The belt colour was not at all like the picture even when I enquire before buying. Had to get one to replace. Overall, the dress was great, workmanship was good, beadings were nice. Would definitely buy from this website again.
By Romain
Hi.... Love this dress can anyone please send me pictures of the bodice and any others would be appreciated. many thanks xx
By Rajesh
This dress really is nice. I have taken pics if anyone wants to see. The quality of fabric and stitching is just as if you would find in any reputable bridal salon. I feel as if I've gotten an awesome dress for a really great price. I would really like to kiss whoever was involved in the manufacturing of it!
By Jerrine
I received this dress today after ordering it just a WEEK ago and I have to say it is amazing. Brilliant quality and it fits like a glove, I just ordered the standard UK size 10. Like others have said, it is quite wrinkled but I think I might have it steam cleaned professionally so it doesn't matter. I will try and put some pictures up if and when I can. Anymore questions, feel free to ask me on here or email me.
By Ricardo
I have just received this dress and it is fab! For the price I had no expectations but it is so good. I am however going to customize it slightly by having a lace up back added but apart from that it is perfect. In fact I'm so impressed with the quality that I'm looking for another dress to wear to change into for the evening reception, well for the price why not!
By Jeffri
I got my dress today! I was nervous about ordering it, because there were no reviews on this dress! I have done nothing but worry about it since the day I ordered it!!! . . . . . However it came today just a little over two weeks! Its perfect everything I've ever wanted my wedding dress to be. It is pretty much the same at this pictures except because it was packed into the little box it was quite crinkled. I'm just waiting for them to drop. But it really is fab!! I had the belt colour black which looks good also. One thing you should know is that it is really big dress!! The train is huge! It is a real princess dress. loads of layers! loads! if you want the perfect princess-dress this is the one!! the size fits really well, I just picked a standard uk size 12, all in all. I love it!
Purchased this dress it is very nice. However I ordered custom sized and it was way too big. The bow is perfect size to the dress. The fabric is not cheap looking and the beading and lace detail is very well done. The beads are not cheap sequins like on some dresses. I would recommend to purchase if you are on a budget or love the dress off Bride wars as its nearly identical. The dress is beautiful.
By Oryan
I found this dress after I've already decided which dress I'm going to order from HerBridal. So, I decided to order both. I received it on the day they said I'm going to receive it. The dress was beautiful, the only thing is its 2 inches bigger than the custom measurements I sent. I messaged customer service about it and they're going to refund half of the dress price for alteration fee. HerBridal's customer service is world class, they always make sure that their customers are satisfied. Thank you HerBridal!
By Danial
I loved it when the dress arrived. I was disappointed when I realized the dress was not made according to the measurement I gave. I paid extra for custom measurement and it turned out to be 2 inc bigger and a little too short after I wore my heels. It cost me another 160 USD for alteration. However, after I have contacted HerBridal, they were willing to refund me half of the cost for the wedding gown. I am very happy with the compensation and I have to say their customer service is superb!
By amos
I have got the dress today and I'm so happy about it. I love it and it looks like the photos. I can not believe it. Good job HerBridal!
By Mr. Norchai
Thank you ladies for showing us the pictures of your dresses! Just because of this I had the courage to buy my wedding dress here online from a shop from china! I bought the dress on December 22th 2010 and it arrived in Hamburg on January 10th 2011! 19 days from china to Hamburg and the dress is tailor-made. I had to pay EUR 49 for customs duty, so the finally price of the dress together with the tailor-made is EUR 206,-!! The dress fits perfect, looks gorgeous and I love the yellow belt! But the train is very long, like the picture - perfect for the church. There are 10 - 15 tulle layers so u don't need a hoop skirt or petticoat. I can't wait to wear my wedding dress at my wedding.
By Lillian
Hello everyone, I order this dress in may and arrived at my door a month after or so., customer service was really helpful throughout the processing time. I really love my dress but the skirt is not as big as it is in the photos but you can buy a petticoat. Thank you HerBridal.
By rachelle
Just received my weeding dress in 10 days. The dress so beautiful... Even the customer service and the quality and size ... everything is good!
By kelvin
I love love love this dress as soon as I saw it I know I had to get it, I custom order my dress but when it came it was still too big, because I've lost weight, but I took it to get it taken in and now its the perfect fit, I can't wait for my wedding in July, thanks a lot HerBridal for making my dream a reality.
By Daniel
I was so happy when it arrived! It is exactly what I expected custom made is the best way to go my daughter looks like a princess. Thanks
By tatiana
I am so excited! I got my beautiful wedding dress today and it is just perfect! It arrived right on time with no problems. I had never heard of this website before, and took the chance ordering this dress, hoping it would be just as nice in real-life. I also thought the picture looked too good to be true and that I would need a hoop. However, my dress arrived in pristine condition and fit me perfectly (just to be sure, I had it custom made to my measurements. For a little bit extra, this was well worth it). I don't need a hoop as it looks just as it does in the picture. I am so happy and can't wait for my wedding day. I can't wait to see the look on my fiance's face when I walk down the aisle! Thank you so much 'HerBridal'.
By Gepeentinguig
WOW, this dress is fantastic, the quality is what you would expect from a gown that costs hundreds. It fits like a glove, can't wait to wear it for my wedding in August.
By Haruo
Absolutely stunning being used as a deb dress. Excellent service and thrilled with purchase. Thank you.
By Yap
Just got my this dress today! It is just like the picture! Very nice and elegant :) I did not try it yet, but my first impression is that it will be perfect! Will post photos soon :)
By Leigh
I bought this dress & within 3 & 1/2 weeks it arrived at my door. I didn't even have to pay any extra fees. I was amazed at how beautiful this dress was in real life & how well it was made. Its skirt is very full so you really don't need any extra hoop under it. My mother too, was very impressed with the workmanship. I bought it in ivory & I must say it is so beautiful & it fitted me perfectly. I can say that HerBridal provides exquisite items at very affordable prices, & I recommend them to anyone.
By Apol
OMG!!!!! I just got dresses. Came five days ahead of time. When I saw it I was shocked. I cried with happiness. Dress is wonderful. Super quality. I did not expect that I get such a fantastic dress. Thank you very much and highly recommend to all! Really thank you very much. I am very very happy! :D
By Achintha
When my friend Gloria told my about HerBridal, at first I was skeptical about purchasing my gown from the internet especially from China, eventually I decided to give it a try, honestly I was amazed at not only the price, but at the quality of the dress after it was delivered. HerBridal really impressed me!!! Erase your fears and you won't regret it.
By Serena
Hello, HerBridal.com I just got my dresses I am so happy with them and will be getting dresses with you from now on very good value for money Thank you so much. Lara.
By Winnie
Finally I got my dress I cant tell how much I was happy about the quality, perfect fitting, and perfect deliver.. OMG it really was beyond my expectation HerBridal is the best place where every one can shop safely with very polite customer service they sent me the dress a little bit late from the expected date so they gave me 30% discount as well free parcel as a gift.
By Shirley
I finally got this dress!! Girls, I swear I have been shopping online for a couple of years already, but here is "what you see is what you get". I ordered this dress 3 months ago and I was soo worried, but the quality is really great, the pearls are small and there are lots of them on the bodice, it looks very classy and not kitch at all. Yes, you can remove the flower by yourself easily (that's what I did, and there are even pearls under it!). Also I was shocked to find all the layers and such craftsmanship on the skirt. There are multiple layers of silk and tulle to make it fluff out and fall perfectly. It needs ironing, but that's ok. I am so very happy, getting ready for my wedding in October, this dress is my best-ever buy. Thank you so much.
By Khalfan
I love the dress! It is so beautiful; it looks just like the picture. Well made. I will definitely shop with you again and refer my friends. Great service!!!
By geeta
This was my Wedding Gown last April! I love, love this gown. We were married outside on the Square in a Gazebo This gown was beautiful, very well made. Inside bra, lining, rhinestone faux buckle. It's just elegant with sophistication. My only recommendation to my purchase: order 1 size up & if you're "busty" like I am - make sure you get it "fitted". This has a very elegant style to it. I felt like a queen! PS. (I made the matching off the shoulder sleeves)
By Xinwei
This wedding gown is amazing! I ordered it about two weeks before my wedding day and wasn't sure if it would arrive in time. But it did! What surprised me most was that it fits me so well that I didn't have to do any alteration at all!! It was a bit tight when I put it on. My American mom zipped it up for me after a little struggle, but once it's up, it feels and fits perfect! The price is unbelievably low for the quality of the dress and the speed of the delivery! Superb company - HerBridal! Thank you for making my big day a smooth success! Here a picture in which you can see the effect of the dress on me. I ordered Petite 2, which is my normal size in the U.S. Hope all of the brides-to-be have a wonderful experience like mine with HerBridal!
By ally
I just opened my package today and I will admit the dress is BEAUTIFUL. Still a little scared to try it on. But as soon as I do, I will post pictures on here. Definitely a GREAT BUY! Thank you HerBridal.com!
By Alec
I am head over heels for this dress!! I was very nervous to buy it because I'm a size 18 and the model is so skinny so I didn't think it would look right on me but I just decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! It had to be altered due to it being about 6 inches too long, but I needed to have it bustled anyway so everything turned out great!! I am going to wear a little poofer underneath it to give it a little more oomph. It says it has a built in bra, but if you're bigger than a B, you'll need something else for support. I can't wait to walk down the aisle in this!
By Caitlin
Words cannot describe how impressed I am with this website!!!! My dress arrived today and it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only ordered in on July 23rd, I received an email on July 30th saying it had been shipped (which was Friday) and I received it today, august 2nd (Tuesday!!!!) I can't believe how fast it was delivered!!! And the dress is beautiful and wonderful and amazing!!! It looks exactly like the picture, and is made with such beautiful craftsmanship! I was apprehensive about ordering over the net, but I will now also be getting m bridesmaid dresses from this website! I also purchased a petticoat to go with it. Thank you HerBridal, you have made me the happiest Bride in the world!
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